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Similar to a traditional gift registry, couples create honeymoon registries and list items that they would like to have for their honeymoon. Items can range from general requests, such as transportation, lodgings, and special meals, to more specific requests for particular tours and activities. Guests can contribute to the couple's honeymoon memories by sending monetary gifts for specific items. An increasing number of newlyweds now have all the housewares that they need, so a honeymoon registry is the perfect way to start off their life together!

With Wanderable's wedding and honeymoon registries, you are free to add anything you want! You can add items for your honeymoon or gifts you'd appreciate for your home. Complete customization means this registry is completely for your new life adventures.

100% FREE Options — Just like other free honeymoon registries you may have seen out there we only charge a fee when a gift is given using a credit card. If your guests choose to provide a gift via cash or check - it's 100% FREE!

No Upgrade Fees — Unlike some other registries out there we never charge a fee to access premium features. You get 100% of our services 100% of the time.

History — We were one of the very first honeymoon registries and have served over 200,000 satisfied couples since 2012. We are consistently honored with the The Knot Best of Weddings award.

Freedom — You decide where, when, and how to arrange your travel. We don't require you to book your honeymoon with any particular travel agency or airline.

Ease of Use — Customizing your registry is easy with our purpose-built tools, gift image library, automatic slideshows, themes, and more.

Gift Redemption Options — Flexible choices for redeeming your gifts. You tell us when you're ready to receive your gifts and we send you a bank check or transfer them directly to your checking account. All U.S. gift redemptions are FREE.

""Thank You"" — Saying ""Thank You"" is easy with an instantly generated list of all your guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information."

Couples list items that they would like on their honeymoon registry. Through our simple payment system, guests can choose items that they like and buy them with a credit card, or take responsibility for delivering a check to the couple. They leave a personal note and have an option to print out a matching gift card to include with their gift or card to the couple. Couples get email notifications with every gift, and can easily keep track of which thank you cards they've sent through our system.

Couples with a US bank account or US mailing address. We hope to expand internationally soon.

No problem! Sometimes you may want a honeymoon registry and a separate registry for material things: more power to you! Wanderable does have a cash fund option, though, so you are able to add anything else you may need (travel or otherwise).

All of the great features of Wanderable are 100% FREE to set-up and use. There are never "Upgrade" fees, subscriptions, or monthly fees. There’s also zero marketing or selling your private info. You’re not going to start getting inundated with marketing emails because we monetized your personal information.

Gifts provided to you via cash or check are 100% FREE. For gifts provided using a credit card, a 2.5% service fee is deducted from the gift amount. The service fee covers paying our dedicated team a living wage with great benefits, all features of your registry, phone support 5 days a week, 24 hour support over email, and support for your guests who want to buy a gift over the phone (older guests appreciate this). There is also a small checkout fee, usually covered by guests, which helps to cover processing the credit card — which can cost merchants like us up to 3%! We wish there was a way to make credit card processing free as well but there’s no way around these fees.

Also keep in mind — we never charge sales tax on any gift. The total of any fees, even when using a credit card, is always lower than what sales tax would be on a gift purchased from a store.

We are proud to offer one of the lowest service fees in the industry. Pay the entire fee yourself (held back from gift amount), split the fees with your guests, or accept cash & check gifts and pay no fees. It's good business to be upfront about fees and we've done so since our start in 2012. We keep our fee as low as possible while ensuring it covers both a high level of service and a living wage for the Wanderable Team.

Our fee is competitive given the high costs associated with accepting credit cards online. The average cost for merchants that accept credit cards online is approximately 3%. Fees for Internet-based companies are always more expensive than those charged to physical stores. Combined with overhead costs, that makes our profit margin very small. However, our business model is strong and built on our history of serving tens of thousands of couples every year.

Why accept credit cards if it is so expensive? Guests would rather use their credit card than give a check or cash because it is far more convenient. We've found that gifts are, on average, 34% larger when the guest uses their credit card than if the gift was provided with cash or a check.

Adding experiences is easy. Once you login, click on 'Registy' and then 'Items'. From there you can add anything! Have more questions? Email us at hello@wanderable.com and we'll be happy to help.

Note: Guests do not have to log in, request invites, or have a Wanderable account to purchase a gift.

Guests can easily choose items from your registry and click on "Give gifts." They will choose a payment method (cash or check, or credit card) and we'll confirm their purchase with an email.

Offer your guests the "Cash or Check" payment option. When your guests check out, they can choose to "Pay in person (with cash or check).” Guests will then mail your gift or deliver in-person at your shower or the wedding itself. There are never any fees applied to gifts purchased with the "Cash or Check" payment option. This option is 100% free to both you and your guests.

Most couples wait too long to get their wedding website and registry set up. Everyone knows it can be very hectic to plan a wedding but you really can't go wrong getting your registry set up as soon as possible. Many guests like to give early gifts — sometimes even before your pre-wedding showers or other events.

We have a great blog post on this subject. Check it out ->

Typically, most couples request that gifts purchased from a physical store registry are sent to their home. If the shipping and handling fee, gift-wrapping fee, and sales tax associated with the purchase of the gift are included, this typically totals more than 12% of the gift's value. In fact, many of our Couples find it less expensive for their guests to provide a Wanderable gift compared to purchasing items at a physical store. This has the added benefit for our Couples of increasing the likelihood the guest will increase the size of their gift.

Finally, a Wanderable honeymoon registry gives your guests the convenience of purchasing a gift from their place of choice without worrying about shipping or carrying the gifts to the wedding or shower. Since Wanderable simply sends you a check or bank transfer, you'll never have to deal with gift returns or exchanges."

Over the 6+ years Wanderable has been providing honeymoon registry services, we've found that 1.5x the number of invited wedding guests is your best bet. This gives guests enough gift options for your wedding plus any other events you're hosting. Keep in mind that an expensive item that you split into smaller parts — like a $1,000 airfare upgrade, saved on your registry as (10) $100 gifts — counts as the quantity you split into. In this example, "10."

After a guest's credit card is charged, the money is deposited into accounts at Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The balances in these accounts are used only for Couple gifts and redemption requests.

After logging into your account, click on the 'Redeem Gifts' under 'Your Account'. The 'Redeem Gifts' will only appear after you've received your first gift. The next page will allow you to request a bank transfer or schedule a check to be sent first class mail.

You can redeem your gifts as often as you'd like but most Couples redeem three times. One week before their wedding, right after their wedding but before the honeymoon, and again after they return from their honeymoon.

Gifts are shown in your account balance immediately and available for redemption after 72-hours.

The fastest redemption option is the ACH Bank Transfer. These are processed within (1) business day but allow up to (3) additional business days for the funds to appear in your bank account. Check redemptions are MAILED within (3) business days of the redemption and delivery time will vary by location. Please allow up to (10) business days to receive a bank check in the mail. All redemption options are FREE.

We are always working to minimze the time it takes to transfer gifts to you and have one of the fastest redemption times in the industry. Other honeymoon registries require up to 13 business days to send gifts. We think that is pretty ridiculous!

No. Some registries ask for this information but we value your privacy and would never ask for this personal information.

Your account can have a balance for up to two years after your wedding date. Two months before the two year period, we will attempt to contact you via email to the email address we have on file. If we do not receive a response within two months, your account will be closed.

Never! We do not ship physical goods so there is no sales tax.

Elegantly designed and embossed gift notification cards are an optional addition for gift givers on checkout. These cards can be mailed to the couple directly or sent to the gift giver to be presented at a later time. Many gift givers appreciate the opportunity to purchase a tangible representation of the experience or item they purchased from a registry. This option was added at their request.

In order to keep fees low for everyone, we need to make sure that credit card charges are not fraudulent. The 72-hour delay allows us to check all transactions. It's an unfortunate but necessary measure for us to take. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We believe a personal thank you card is always best. Even better, include a photo of the activity or experience you received in the thank you card. On your Gifts page, we provide you with all guest contact information and an easy way to keep track of whom you still need to thank.

Yes, multiple guests can totally contribute to some of your larger registry items. Just separate it into several items of lower amounts with "quantity" and "cost of each". For example, for a $100 kayaking trip, just mention that you want quantity "2" and each of them should be "$50". Guests can then choose the items that fit within their budget.

Your custom honeymoon registry page will have an easy-to-remember web address that you can create and share. Wedding registries should never be mentioned in your wedding invitations. However, creating a wedding website and including it in your wedding invitations is a great way to let guests know about all of the details of your wedding (including your registry!). You can easily tell people about your wedding website through e-postcards (with a link to your wedding website) or announcement cards (that announce your wedding website) in the wedding invitation. There are several wedding website companies to choose from that are free or charge a low monthly fee.

Receiving cards with checks and cash the day before you depart for your honeymoon makes it difficult to pre-pay any portion of the trip. With most weddings on a weekend, just having the time to deposit the checks and cash before departing is unlikely. Our service provides you the opportunity to pre-pay certain parts of your trip and gives you an easy to use system of tracking gifts received. We also allow you to receive gifts toward an experience you will cherish forever. Personalizing a gift with a certain experience or activity is a great way for a guest to be remembered!

Of course! Wanderable's mission is to make gifts meaningful, so feel free to add anything to your registry that will bring great experiences and memories for your new life together. :)

You are always able to redeem all received gifts. While we hope you receive everything on your registry, items do not need to be fully funded in order for you to redeem the funds. If you register for a $1,000 item, split it into 10 $100 gifts, and then receive only 8, you will be able to redeem the $800 (minus the service fee).

It's completely okay if you end up changing gifts. There's no requirement that you must go through with gifts originally registered for.

Since all gifts received on Wanderable are monetary contributions, this gives you complete flexibility if your honeymoon plans change or if you decide to go in a different direction with a gift, activity, or experience.

Anyone with a valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal account. If the guest is not located in one of the countries listed below, our credit card processor may require additional information. We will work with the guest to facilitate this process.

American Samoa, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Republic Of Korea, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, United States Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands - British, and Virgin Islands - American

Absolutely. We are PCI compliant and all requests are made through SSL. In addition, Wanderable encrypts all of your sensitive financial information. We will not share or sell any of the personal information of our couples or guests (read our Privacy Policy). All of your personal information is stored on secure servers at our data center in Parsippany, New Jersey. In addition, we do not save credit card information once a gift transaction has been completed. The gift transaction itself is encrypted (see "Is credit card information secure?" below).

Our site uses industry standard 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that guests' sensitive data (credit card number, name, address, etc.) is transmitted securely - every time. In addition, we use internal measures to further increase each individual transaction's data security.

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