Na Pali Snorkeling

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Na Pali Snorkeling

Na Pali Snorkeling

Eight hour Na Pali coast tour and snorkeling trip that includes meals and drinks! Only boats with a C.O.I. ( certificate of inspection ) for 18 or less passengers is allowed in, near ,or around Nu’alolo Kai the only Na Pali Coast snorkel spot, and, THE BEST SNORKELING ON KAUAI. Departing is scheduled so the tour typically arrives at Nu’alolo when the other boats are gone in their hurry to do two short trips a day. Thus guests can take advantage of quiet time with the amazing marine life and coral reefs. Often with no other boats in sight.

Captain Sundown nicknamed this snorkel destination the “Sea Turtle Cleaning Station!” Here the “Honu,” Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtle laze about in crystal clear waters while reef fish in clouds clean their carapace ( turtle shell ) removing undesirable marine fungi and parasites. When done, the shells shine!

Typically guests will see close up Trigger fish, Hawaii’s Humuhumu, Trumpet fish, Palani, Moorish Idols, Neinui, Parrot Fish, Box fish and a host of other Hawaiian reef fish. This reef is pristine and very well protected. For the best fish encounters listen for Capt. Bob’s instructions not to swim far from the boat because the fish take refuge right under her decks!

Location: Kauai County, Hawaii
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