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Honeymoon in New Zealand

Maida and David
Destination: New Zealand

Hello family and friends of Maida and David! Thank you for looking at the couple's online honeymoon registry. They are so excited to finally be making their dream of going to New Zealand a reality! With your gifts they will make some amazing memories. A bit of information ...
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New Zealand Kaikoura, New Zealand New Zealand Napier, New Zealand New Zealand
Honeymoon in Orlando, FL

Nadine and Alexander
Destination: Orlando, FL

Hi everyone and welcome to our registry site! We are so excited to be enjoying our honeymoon at the happiest place on Earth. Thank you all so much in advance and we can't wait to celebrate with you.
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Orlando, Florida Chicago, Illinois Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Honeymoon in Europe

Emily and Matt
Destination: Europe

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! Emily and I appreciate your contributions toward our dream honeymoon across Europe. We plan to explore new cities together-- 4 days in Amsterdam, 3 days in Brussels, and 3 days in Paris (mandatory, as all honeymoons must end in ...
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Paris, France Brussels, Belgium Amsterdam, The Netherlands Richmond, Virginia Chicago, Illinois
Honeymoon in Ireland

Meg and Nick
Destination: Ireland

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming over to our registry!

Ireland Blarney, Ireland Lisdoonvarna, Ireland Dublin, Ireland Galway, Ireland
Honeymoon in Cross-Country Adventure

Karen and Mike
Destination: Cross-Country Adventure

Friends and family! It's hard to believe the wedding is right around the corner. We can't wait to see all of you there! Thank you for visiting our wedding registry. To be honest, we really don't need (or want) anything more than your presence at our wedding and your we...
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United States Washington, District Of Columbia Bethesda, Maryland Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania Cleveland, Ohio
Honeymoon in Greece

Anastasiya and Brandon
Destination: Greece

The best gifts we can receive are your presence at our celebration and your support as we embark on this adventure together. That said, some of you have asked for the opportunity to send us off on our new adventure together. If you are interested and able, we would love your s...
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Greece Athens, Greece Chicago, Illinois Naxos, Greece Los Angeles, California
Honeymoon in Europe

Jessica and Jordan
Destination: Europe

Thanks for visiting our registery! Instead of asking for the kinds of items one normally gets as wedding gifts (typically homemaking items, many of which we already have), we have set up this registry to allow guests to contribute whatever money they might have spent on such ...
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Chicago, Illinois St Louis, Missouri Paris, France Munich, Germany Versailles, France
Honeymoon in Greece & Turkey

Alicia and Eric
Destination: Greece & Turkey

Welcome to our Wedding Registry! We are so very excited to be traveling to Greece and Turkey for our honeymoon. We are going to be traveling to Athens for 4 days where we will see many of the beautiful Greek ruins and experience its rich and ancient culture. From Athens w...
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Greece Bodrum, Turkey Kusadasi, Turkey Chicago, Illinois Istanbul, Turkey
Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece

Erayna and Joseph
Destination: Santorini, Greece

Hello to our Friends and Family! Thanks for visiting! We are headed to beautiful Santorini, Greece for our honeymoon. Please help us have a great time by supporting part of our time there. We have lots of great things planned, and we would love a gift to help us along our w...
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Greece Chicago, Illinois Athens, Greece

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