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Honeymoon in France/Spain/Switzerland

Maria and Marshall
Destination: France/Spain/Switzerland

Thank your for visiting our Honeymoon Registry Site! While your gift is not necessary, if you choose to contribute to our honeymoon fund, we would be very grateful! Due to time constraints with my residency, we will not be taking a big honeymoon immediately following the we...
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Paris, France Barcelona, Spain Geneva, Switzerland Nice, France Monaco, Monaco
Honeymoon in New Orleans, LA

Courtney and Robert
Destination: New Orleans, LA

We cannot wait for our wedding and to celebrate with all of our friends and family! The wedding will take place in New Orleans on May 17, 2014. After saying "we do" and partying it up with our guests, we'll head off to Europe for our honeymoon! We'd be honored with a gift o...
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New Orleans, Louisiana Versailles, France Barcelona, Spain Reims, France Paris, France
Honeymoon in France, Spain & Italy

Sally and Christopher
Destination: France, Spain & Italy

Thank you for browsing our registery! We are so excited to share our big day with you all and our upcoming honeymoon through Europe! Contributions to our honeymoon registry is the PERFECT gift for us. Not only will we be forever grateful, but you will also be a big part of our...
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Vatican City Rome, Italy Paris, France Barcelona, Spain
Honeymoon in France

Johanna and Marc
Destination: France

Hej & Hello Family & Friends, We have made a sweet home together with all of the necessities and comforts, so instead of a traditional registry we've set up this honeymoon registry so you can help us on our way to a beautiful summer honeymoon in France. We plan to start ...
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France Giverny, France Paris, France Sweden Versailles, France
Honeymoon in Amalfi Coast, Spain, Basque Country, Paris

Aileen and Sam
Destination: Amalfi Coast, Spain, Basque Country, Paris

Dearest friends and family, Your presence at our wedding is gift enough but if you do wish to buy us something, a contribution towards our dream European honeymoon would be appreciated. We will be returning to a very small New York City apartment and have much more room fo...
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Paris, France Capri, Italy Sorrento Peninsula, Italy Barcelona, Spain Bilbao, Spain
Honeymoon in France & Italy

Maddie and Gray
Destination: France & Italy

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! We are flying to Paris the day after the wedding and will be renting a car and driving through the French country, down to the Mediterranean coast, across to the Italian Piedmont and then finally down through Tuscany ending up in Rome. Thank ...
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Italy Paris, France Reims, France France Bordeaux, France
Honeymoon in France

Vi and Tam
Destination: France

Hi everyone! First off, we'd like to say that your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for. The time, effort, and expense of traveling to be with us is something we deeply appreciate in our hearts, and we are so thrilled that we will be able to celebra...
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France Nice, France Monaco Giverny, France Versailles, France
Honeymoon in France

Elizabeth and Steven
Destination: France

Thanks for visiting our Wanderable Registry! We're aiming to summit Mont Blanc next June for our honeymoon and would like to start saving for this awesome excursion. If you've been to France before, or have any suggestions on must-sees, let us know!
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France Paris, France Chamonix, France Reims, France
Honeymoon in Frogs Leap Winery, Rutherford, CA

Emily and Doug
Destination: Frogs Leap Winery, Rutherford, CA

Hello dear friends! As most of you know, we are passionate about our food and wine and have chosen France as the perfect destination to celebrate our marriage. Through we are able to create a way for you to be a part of our honeymoon if you wish! We hope to cr...
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Rutherford, California France Nice, France Reims, France Paris, France

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