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Popular Destinations by Month

January Honeymoons

In January, couples either revel in the winter months, visiting winter wonderlands and ice castles in Japan, or they escape from the bitter cold into summers in the Southern Hemisphere.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for January honeymoon destinations.

February Honeymoons

February's the month for Valentine's Day and love. Don't forget to indulge in chocolate and champagne on your honeymoon, whether you're lounging on a sunny beach or wandering the cities of Europe.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for February honeymoon destinations.

March Honeymoons

At the beginning of spring, be sure to watch out for unexpected weather and try to avoid the hordes of people on their spring break. March is a lovely time to stop by the Honolulu festival in Hawaii or to beat the summer throngs in Rome.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for March honeymoon destinations.

April Honeymoons

With spring at full bloom, April's a popular month to enjoy cherry blossoms and firework-filled spring festivals in Japan or head out to the Caribbean before the baking temperatures of summer.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for April honeymoon destinations.

May Honeymoons

In May, the weather's perfect across almost the entire Northern Hemisphere. Long sunny days and cool evenings are a staple at the French Riviera and the Spanish golden coast.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for May honeymoon destinations.

June Honeymoons

With the romance of a sweet summer wedding, Wanderable couples travel the world in June. We've seen couples go to the never-ending days of Iceland, to remote private beaches in Thailand, to exploring castles and beer in Ireland.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for June honeymoon destinations.

July Honeymoons

A honeymoon in July is perfect for cocktails (and more!) on the beach. Whether you're looking for blazing summer heat destinations or you're looking for a location to cool off, other Wanderable couples have already figured out the top places to go to in July.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for July honeymoon destinations.

August Honeymoons

August is an amazing month for outdoor adventures with the love of your life. We've seen Wanderable couples divide time between spas and the Grand Canyon, or take a walk in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for August honeymoon destinations.

September Honeymoons

With the northern half of the world in the midst of changing colors, September couples either close out their summer in beach destinations, or enjoy cozying up to their loved one in places where autumn has already spread.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for September honeymoon destinations.

October Honeymoons

For all lovers of beer, October is the month of Oktoberfest! It's also a great month to take advantage of shoulder season deals, warm up your hands with a coffee in a Parisian cafe, or wander around the warmth in South America.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for October honeymoon destinations.

November Honeymoons

November is the time to see the Aurora Borealis in the far reaches of the north. For those who want to escape the cold, it's a wonderful month for the beaches of Brazil or wine-tasting in Argentina.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for November honeymoon destinations.

December Honeymoons

With a winter-wonderland wedding behind you, why not prolong the magic with the Christmas fairs in Austria? Eat freshly baked gingerbread cookies and cuddle up to your loved one under the twinkling lights.

See the top cities, countries, and islands for December honeymoon destinations.

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